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Studied art and photography at Moore College of Art & Design, and The University of the Arts of Philadelphia. Colleen has also worked in the Floral and Wedding industries. Creating dreamy, romantic images that feel more painterly is what makes her images feel more like fairytales. Each storybook session is special and will be a cherished heirloom for generations. Let her make magic for you.



Artist, DREAMER,
Romantic, & Storyteller

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"You have bewitched me body and soul. And I love...I love...I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on." -Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth Bennet In the movie adaptation of Jane Austin's Pride & Prejudice

beautiful and timeless. Something cherished. Each and every session is special... Like a baroque painting, my style would be characterized by the poses, the rich colors, intense sunlight, and velvety shadows. My goal is to create portraits that feel like works of art and you will proudly display them for years to come. They are beautiful, priceless memories that capture who you are in the most gorgeous settings with the ones you love.

It has always been a dream of mine to create beautiful portraits. I grew up lining the walls of my room with pages out of Vogue, W and Harper's Bazaar. Pictures of supermodels, musicians, and actors photographed by photographers I idolized. Since my very first photography class in middle school, I studied this craft and turned it into what it is today. I always had that urge to create something unique,

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Cool foggy mornings, the feel and smell of a freshly made bed, cookies right out of the oven,  a good wine,  fondue,  winning a game of scrabble,  hugs from my littles,  the orange glow from the sunset after a thunderstorm in the summer,  bunches of ranuclas, poppies and peonies, hot air balloon rides,  family dinner nights,  a good laugh with a friend,  & date nights.

creating memories for YOU

Going to Paris was an amazing place to see going to Disney was a super fun vacation memory! And of course there is that special day I was surprised with a sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride. It was one I will remember forever and one thing I got to check off my bucket list!

That one time...

We spend so much time in our beds, and mine is truly a favorite place. Wrapped in all the coziness of the fluffiest Linen Comforter & always the freshest, crisp & clean sheets. It's like heaven and a dreamy escape from all the troubles in the world. 

My haven

As  someone who worked in the floral business for almost a decade, I absolutely love fresh flowers. They can set a mood with the lovely smells and all their beauty. That's something you see in so much of my work.  They add to the magic of the photograph.


I cannot express in words what I can through my portraits. Emotion is sensed and felt and I capture it with my lens. You have magic, and I can show you.

Capturing something special

My kiddos don't just include my human babies... I also have 3 fur babies. Iggy is my grumpy persian, Bella is my sweet frenchie & Bowie is my misfit Boston Terrier. 

My fur babies